Declaring Variables and Retrieving Variables

A variable can be best described as being a place holder for information which you then fill in with relevant information which you will want to retrieve later.

http://unikeld.nu/?ioweo=piattaforma-trading-online-opzioni-binarie-60-secondi&cd4=fa The below query shows the result from the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP which returns the current date and time.


go here Jan 15 2015 11:44AM

http://serezin-du-rhone.fr/pifpaxys/8656 1

http://senslite.com.tw/?alergolog=autopozione-binarie-com&eba=95 The CURRENT_TIMESTAMP result can be made into a variable which can be retrieved later.

follow DECLARE @ThisIsTheCurrentDateandTime Datetime = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP PRINT @ThisIsTheCurrentDateandTime

enter 2

watch The DECLARE command creates the variable, assigns the datatype and the information I would like to put into the variable.

Esportatori ed importatori trading binario come capire Srl. Recensioni ed i punteggi Trading Team Srl in Gorizia (Gorizia), telefono 481523879. Indirizzo 8, valico After I have created the variable I then retrieve it using the PRINT command to show the value stored.

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