Simple way to output results to a file using PowerShell

http://devrimcicephe.org/vistawkoe/2870 Have you ever wanted to send the output of a PowerShell command to a file? Well I am going to show you how.

follow url When you run a PowerShell command like Get-Process, Get-Host…. It will return useful information but sometimes you want to save that information for future reference. You could cut and paste or take a screenshot but these are way more complicated than simply using the inbuilt functionality within PowerShell.

see For example if you wanted to output the processes currently running you would use Get-Process. To output it you would add the below command

http://lokoli.com/?rtyt=site-de-rencontre-chr%C3%A9tien-gratuit-non-payant&291=1e Get-Process  >  yourfilename.txt

http://joetom.org/masljana/2134 Get-Process > C:\PowerShell\Process.txt

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