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Adding SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

Before installing SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 it is important that you check whether your operating system is supported ( Windows Server 2003,2008,2012, some editions of XP, Vista, 7 and 8), you have sufficient RAM ( 512mb free), your CPU is powerful enough ( 1.0GHZ ) and if you have sufficient hard disk ( about 2gb). The installation checks will check all of this but a bit of prior research could prevent any time being wasted.

Always refer to Book Online to check the required specifications as these are the most up to date available on the internet.

1. Goto Start Menu > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server Installation Centre

2. Click on New Installation or add new features to an existing installation

3. The SQL server setup wizard will then check your environment to see whether it meets the requirement to install reporting services. As long as there are no failures click OK.

4. As long as there are no problems click Install on the next screen.

5. The setup rules will check the system against another set of rules and will highlight any problems.

6. Select Full Text Search Reporting Services , Business Intelligence Development Studio, Client Tools Connectivity, Management Tools — both Complete and Basic.

7. Another check will be done against the features selected. Press next if there are not any problems.

8. Disk space of your setup will be checked.

9. Please use whatever accounts you have assigned for the account. I will be using the local service account as I haven’t properly setup my VM.

10. Press next

11. Press next. Generally we don’t send back the rror reports.

12. The final checks will be done and press next.

13. There will be a comprehensive list of the options chosen. Please review this list and then if your happy press install.

14. When the installation is completed successfully then you will get the final screen.

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