2017 Blogging Plan

This year I am going to get back to blogging regularly and this time I really mean it. I have neglected to blog regularly due to procrastination and not being happy with most of the blog posts I had written. I will try to blog at least every fortnight and will, subject to my work and family, try to blog more often. This schedule should be easy to maintain and not become a burden and lead to me going on another blogging sabbatical (hiding he he).

This year I plan on levelling up my PowerShell, C# skills and learning more about Cyber Security.

I have seen some of the cool stuff some people are doing with PowerShell and would love to automate everything in my life. This will free me up to do more Production DBA work and enable me to increase my project workload. I hope that I can try and produce some scripts which I can add to the DBATools.io project and give them back something for their awesome community work.

My C# journey is mainly so I can increase my programming expertise and I want to try and take part in some competitive programming and undertake some programming challenges. Currently my knowledge level is insufficient to do this but I want to learn more and hope that learning design patterns, algorithms and object orientated programming will let me fill in these gaps and allow me to have some programming fun.

Lately I have become interested in Cyber Security as I want to understand both the methodology used by hackers and the people preventing them. I find the mindset, creativity and folklore around all of this to be fascinating and hope that I can learn a few things along the way.

I hope that my audience will enjoy my 2017 journey and will help keep me accountable.

Thanks for your support.

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    1. Hi John. Wishing you a belated Happy New Year. Going forward I’m hoping to cover other areas and not just SQL so I changed the name to reflect what I’m doing a bit better.

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