Clearing the screen in PowerShell

A quick snippet for some newbie PowerShell developers whilst they start getting their teeth into the ISE is there are two easy ways of clearing the screen. I ahdnt thought about sharing this information but I saw a developer simply closing the ISE so that he could start afresh. I asked him why and he […]

Opening PowerShell Help in a window

Have you ever wanted to be able to easily read through the help system in PowerShell? Wanted to take advantage of your second screen whilst developing in PowerShell? Well I am going to show you how. Whenever I have used PowerShell I had a love-hate relationship with the help system. Whilst it helps me out […]

Update the PowerShell Help System

Have you ever wondered how to update the PowerShell help system? Wondered how to update it more than once in a 24 hour period? Needed to update the help file of a system not connected to the internet? Well I am going to show you how. Whenever I jump onto any new server the first […]

What is PowerShell?

Have you ever wondered what PowerShell is? Whys its important? Well I will briefly explain why and why I am learning it. PowerShell is Microsoft’s scripting language which allows configuration changes and automation of SQL Server, Sharepoint, System Centre, Windows AZURE, Windows Server, Windows 8…. In time we shall see the tentacles of PowerShell spread […]

Find what version of PowerShell is installed.

Have you ever wondered what PowerShell version your machine was running? Needed to quickly check the PowerShell version to see whether it had successfully upgraded?  Well I am going to show you how. Today I was on one of my creaky old SQL Servers  when I started doing some inventory checks to see what level […]

Powershell and my first script for Hello World.

It has become a repeated custom that whenever a person is learning a new programming language that they begin with the Hello World program. This is quite simply a rite of passage and a welcome milestone so I started here and have put the script below. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be […]

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