Intro to SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 : Report Builder 2.0

This shipped after SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 and is available as a separate download. I have always run a search to download the latest installation file.

Report Builder 2.0 is a too design to allow the easy and quick development of Reporting Services Reports and was created with the non-developer in mind. This is reflected by the fact that it looks like MS Office.

It can be started by selecting Start > All Programs > SQL Server 2008 Report Builder > Report Builder 2.0.

Once you have opened Report Builder 2.0 you will notice there are 4 tabs Run,Home, Insert and View.

The Home tab contains Clipboard, Font Paragraph, Border, Number and Layout.


Insert tab has Data regions, Report Items, Sub reports, Header & Footer.


View tab has Show and Hide.


The Run tab has Views, Zooms, Navigation, Print, Export, Options and Find.



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