My plans for 2015

Hi to all my readers.

I must confess that my Blogging has suffered during the latter half of my wife’s pregnancy and the first five months of my newborn baby girl’s life.

I have had grand plans about Blogging about Powershell, C#, SQL Server and Python each and everyday but my own unrealistic expectations have come back to roost and I have not really done anything for several months. I have procrastinated on so many things like changing the WordPress theme, email sign up form…. that I have decided that I must now be more honest and committed to growing this Blog.

My plansĀ for 2015 are

  • Blog at least once a week
  • Promote my Twitter and Facebook page
  • Convert all my posts into Youtube videos
  • Try and do a at least one themed month of Blogging. I am thinking of something like a month of Powershell one liners, 31 days of DMVs etc.


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