What is PowerShell?

Have you ever wondered what PowerShell is? Whys its important? Well I will briefly explain why and why I am learning it.

PowerShell is Microsoft’s scripting language which allows configuration changes and automation of SQL Server, Sharepoint, System Centre, Windows AZURE, Windows Server, Windows 8…. In time we shall see the tentacles of PowerShell spread through all of Microsoft’s products and will be deeply embedded.

We are currently on version 4.0 which is supported by Windows 7+ and Windows Server 2008 R2+ and ships by default with Windows 8.1 and with Windows Server 2012 R2.

In my opinion Microsoft sees PowerShell help it compete with Linux & Unix administrators who have long become expert scripters in automating  repetitive tasks, creating batches to make tasks less complex and help remove the possibility of human errors. The great GUIs created by Microsoft have made it simple in the past to do a lot of tasks and allows someone to get up to speed with a lot tasks but ongoing I expect that increasingly the GUIs will not keep up with software development and instead many features will only be accessible and configurable by PowerShell.

That is why I am increasingly investing my time to learn and use PowerShell so that I can be ahead of the curve and ensure that I can use new technologies as they emerge.

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