List Hotfixes installed with PowerShell with Get-Hotfix

Have you ever wondered what updates have been applied to your Windows operating system? Well a quick and easy way to do that is to use the PowerShell command Get-Hotfix. This will list out the description, the HotfixID and when it was installed. I used this on a few PCs where it appeared that updates […]

Find a column in a database with INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS

Have you ever just been given a column name and not known which table it was in? Needed to check whether a column existed within a database?… Well today I was just given a column name and told the information I needed was in there but alas they didn’t know which table it was in. […]

SQL Server DMVs and DMFs categorised to make it easier to find information.

Have you wanted to find a DMV which would help give information about AlwaysOn Availability Group ,           Change Data Capture , Change Tracking ,Common Language Runtime , Database , Database Mirroring , Execution , Extended Events , Filestream, Full-Text Search and Semantic Search ,        I/O , Indexes , Object s, Query Notifications , Replication , […]