Quick introduction to SQL, databases and relational theory

Many people find it daunting when they think about Databases and SQL. I know I found it very scary in the beginning and my early experiences with Database developers left me feeling very small and I thought that maybe I was not good enough to succeed in this field. However, I was luckily given a [...]

My top tips for new programmers

Over the years I have written quite a lot of code. These are the tips that I wish I had known when I had started out and would have saved me a lot of head scratching and restless nights: Create a “to do” list. Always write down your tasks and keep it updated as you [...]

Book Review: Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, Second Edition by Don Jones

During December I decided to dedicate myself to learning Powershell for the next few months. Many of the blogs I follow and some of my respected peers have recommended the Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches book and ashamedly I have owned the book and never gotten past the first chapters. The reason I [...]

Why you should learn programming

I remember when one of my friends got a summer job where he was asked to remove certain special characters from filenames and replace it with an underscore. He complained it was boring and tedious but it paid well so he stuck at it. He was expected to do a certain amount of files per [...]

What would you like to learn or for me to talk about?

Hi all. Just a quick blog post to say that I would like to thank everyone who has visited this site, sent me emails or comments on social media. It makes all my efforts worthwhile and further motivates me to continue blogging. Now I would like to reach to everyone and find out what they [...]

How to change the collation of a database in SQL Server?

Have you ever wondered how to change the collation for a database in SQL Server? Well the other day I received a database from a third party supplier and the first step was to change the Collation of the database. My questioning about why they would supply the database in the incorrect collation setting was [...]

SQL Server Collations Find current collation and all supported collations

Have you ever needed to check your database or SQL instance to find out its collation? Have you ever wanted to check whether a collation is supported by Windows or SQL Server? Well I am going to show you how to find out the information quickly and easily. The below query will show the instance [...]

Generate random numbers in PowerShell with Get-Random

Generate random numbers in PowerShell with Get-Random Have you ever wanted to generate random numbers for passwords, test data…. and wondered how you could easily generate them? Well I was confronted by the same situation on one of our servers where I needed some random numbers for inputting wait times to test an application but [...]

ASCII String function in SQL Server

Have you wondered what the ASCII value of a character is whilst using SQL Server? Or needed to quickly check the ASCII value? Or wondered how the ASCII Function worked? Well the other day I saw one of the developers using the ASCII function which I was not familiar with so I decided to a [...]

List Hotfixes installed with PowerShell with Get-Hotfix

Have you ever wondered what updates have been applied to your Windows operating system? Well a quick and easy way to do that is to use the PowerShell command Get-Hotfix. This will list out the description, the HotfixID and when it was installed. I used this on a few PCs where it appeared that updates [...]

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