How can I find out what SQL Server version is running? — Parv The IT Geek

I was asked by someone which SQL Server version a server was running and was surprised when my DBA colleague said to run a stored procedure I had never heard of. I had not thought that there would be more than one way as the usual method I used below was so simple I didn’t think that there would be a need for another method. I then did a deep dive of all the different ways I could find out the version of SQL Server I was running and have included them below.

Method 1

Go to Help > About

Method 2

Use the following script .


That is the script which I would use and I think is pretty much the most commonly used method within the SQL Server community.

Method 3

EXEC sp_MSgetversion

Method 4

EXEC xp_msver

Method 5

SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(‘productversion’),

SERVERPROPERTY (‘productlevel’),


Method 6

Within the SQL logs the current version will be listed when the log was last cycled.

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