Easily Check Database Integrity (DBCC CHECKDB) For All Databases On A Server — Parv The IT Geek

Today I was doing my daily checks on one of my biggest SQL instances which has over 1,000 databases and noticed that SQL Agent was stopped. I couldn’t see any errors and was able to simply start it without any problems but I was concerned that the daily integrity check jobs had not run and I am way too cautious to get caught by not doing it manually.

Initially I wasn’t too sure how to do it very quickly without creating a script using DBCC CHECKDB, querying sys.databases with some dynamic T-SQL but decided to give the below script a try and luckily it worked.

EXEC sp_MSforeachDB ‘DBCC CHECKDB (?)’

Originally published at https://parvtheitgeek.com on January 16, 2014.

Published by Parvinder Nijjar

I blog at ParvTheITGeek.com

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